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Welcome to the many communities of Dueling Modems. From Arts and Crafts to Books and Film to Travel and Zymurgy, our Forums offer news, information, and conversation with creative people who share your interests.

Dueling Modems' Forums offer public web sites and members-only conferencing (bulletin board) and chat areas. Come explore our worlds!


NEW !!!!!   July 1, 2006 Dueling Modems is in the process of moving to a new host. We're still building the site and migrating existing accounts, so please bear with us for a bit. Not everything is hooked up yet, so many of the links throughout the site are either broken or point to outdated or incorrect information. We're trying to correct anything that needs patching, but there's still a lot to do.

As of today, the old dm.net site is closed. We have shut down the old message board, and have moved our flag to the new board at duelingmodems.com.

For those of you with email accounts at dm.net, we can set up a temporary account here on the new host. If your DM address is being forwarded, we can set that up, as well. Let us know.

For those of you with websites hosted on dm.net, we have migrated your site to this new host. At the moment, we're maintaining the "/~username" structure, but please give us a bit of time to make sure that works.

Note that we haven't set up FTP accounts for everybody yet. If you need FTP access to maintain your member website, let us know via email.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and all the dust and debris,

Nic Grabien
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