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Bill Neville is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work has been published by Marvel, DC Comics, Image, Acclaim, Warner Bros International Publishing, Disney, USKids magazine, Archie Comics, Warp Graphics, and New England Comics (among others.)

He is also the pencil artist and co-creator of the critically acclaimed comic Explorers and illustrator of the show business biography The Andy Griffith Story.

The art in the gallery is the intellectual property of Bill, with the following exceptions: Pocahontas and Beauty & The Beast are owned by the Disney Company. Tiny Toon Adventures and Looney Tunes are the property of Warner Bros. Explorers is co-owned by Terry Collins. Green Lantern belongs to DC Comics. Gauntlet is co-owned by Roger Brown. Thunder Girl is the property of Gary S. Carlson and Chris Ecker. ElfQuest belongs to Warp Graphics. Super Scientist is owned by USKids Magazine. ZU is a trademark of MU Press.

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