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Burning Candle, subtext September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001


Laurie Bishop

To the left you see, instead of my studious puss, a picture of my alter ego. I used her as my mental image of Catherine D'eauville, the heroine in my first book, The Best Laid Plans...and I find her too appealing to retire. Not yet, anyway!

By the way, I am looking for the source of the picture of the above lady and any information about the painting, so I can give all concerned due credit.

News about me:  

After publishing four Regency Romances with Signet, the Regency line is no longer. I have many more books in me, but I am circling the valley like an eagle looking for my next prey--oops, opportunity. (grin). I will let you know immediately when I have landed, and where.

I am currently working on a Regency historical. I can't say much about it yet, but it does have a dark hero and an intellectulally curious heroine who hasn't a lot to lose....

For information on my past books, click the books button on the left. The excerpts are still available as well (excerpts button).

I must thank readers for my decision to go on with a regency historical. Words cannot express my appreciation for those letters--some of which I lost due to computer-itis. But please know that if you did not hear from me, I am nonetheless so very grateful.

I am revising my site, so expect changes to come....

All the best,

Email me at:   lbishop at onebox dot com
...Just substitute "@" for "at" and "." for "dot." (No spaces).

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