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The laddie depicted above with the wonderful harp is none other than Anwyn Baldomyre himself (yes, I drew the picture... I used to make a side living as a professional artist years ago, but I gave it up because I got tired of clients wanting me to draw pictures of how they wanted their dogs to look rather than how they did look).

For those of you who wonder who he is, you can check out my stories in various issues of Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine, as well as Adventures of Sword & Sorcery, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Worlds (a hardcover anthology available from MZBFM -- check out their website at for more details) and forthcoming in Pulp Eternity's Eternity Unbound issue.

Of course, I have had stories in other publications about other characters as well, nearly thirty in all, which have appeared in such publications as MZBFM, New Millennium Writings, Of Unicorns & Space Stations, Appalachian Heritage, The Tale Spinner, CATFANTASTIC V (forthcoming), Vampire Dan's Story Emporium (forthcoming) and in various volumes of SWORD AND SORCERESS edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  In addition, I have published a wide range of nonfiction articles, including nearly 200 book reviews for the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

"A Winter's Tale"
is in this issue of Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine.

For a list of tales published in the world of the Harper Mage, click here.

My own illustration for the story
"Earth's Song"
Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Worlds

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This is for those of you who have asked what the real Glynnanis looks like.

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