Barry Workman Does Dave Gingery

I recently mentioned online that my friend Barry Workman, of SCHEMES (Southern California Highly Experimental Model Engineering Society) had completed his Metal Shaper from Dave Gingery's "Build your own machine shop" series. Enough interest was shown, that I agreed to put a "few" photos on the website. Hah! Best laid plans... and all that.

I went by there today, with a friend's new digital camera (a Sony Mavica), and took some pictures of Barry and his Shaper and Lathe. (Note that I've reduced the pictures that you see here in size and quality from the originals in hopes of reducing bandwidth. Sorry Sony!)


Here's a picture of Barry with the shaper. I should mention that much of the metal in his machines comes from the cases of scrapped hard drives.

Here is a better picture of the Shaper. Notice the "T" Slots on the shaper table? That's one of the changes he made from the published plans.

The edges of the table and of each slot are trued up with the shaper to the tool path, making setups easy.

He's also used a set of gears to drive the ram, when he found the proper bull gear, made by Boston Gears, in a local metal recycler's bin. (Sorry boys, there was only the one.)


Here are a few pictures of the Gingery Lathe Barry made.

Here is the Tailstock of the lathe. The casting is still a little rough, no hand rubbed lacquer here, but in the next picture you'll see that he's graduated the tailstock ram for precise drilling. The marking was done with a fret saw.

Click here for info on the Gingery Books


So what does he do with these tools now that he's "done" with them? Glad you asked.

Here's a pair of engines done on the lathe, from castings made with the Gingery style foundry. The larger has a 1 1/2 inch bore.

This little saluting cannon uses a "hammer" to fire the primer.

I'll end up the page with a few photos of a nice vertical.

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