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The Canary Lovers' Web Ring was created in July 1997. This Ring is a collection of Web sites of canary owners, breeders, and those who love these wonderful little songbirds.

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If you are already part of the Canary Lovers' Web Ring and need to edit your site's attributes (URL, e-mail address, site description, or password), enter your site ID and password below:

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There are only a couple of rules for this ring:

You must have a love for canaries, and have information or pictures of them on your web page.

Sites containing pornographic or other "adult-oriented" material will not be added to the Ring. The RingMaster is quite liberal, but don't push it!


  1. Save a copy of the two graphics you see below. The one on the left is called canary1.gif and the one on the right canary2.gif To save the graphics:

  2. It is not absolutely necessary that you use the graphics, but you will need to insert the HTML fragment on your page so that people can continue following the ring after viewing your site! You can save the fragment by viewing the document source and saving it; if you are unable to do this please contact the RingMaster and you will receive the fragment by email. More on using the fragment later.

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    Photo of Intensive Red Factor Canary courtesy of Curtis Gulick.

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    Please do not forget your password, you will need it later if you want to edit your information!

If you have any problems, email the RingMaster.

You will receive your Site ID by email once your application has been received. Insert the HTML fragment into your web page, including your Site ID, email address and name in the appropriate places in the fragment.

After you have inserted the HTML fragment, e-mail the Ringmaster of the Canary Lovers' Web Ring and ask to be added to the ring. Be sure to include your Site ID Number in the e-mail message. The RingMaster will look at your page to make sure the Canary Lovers' Web Ring HTML fragment on your page is okay. Please DO NOT email any other member of the Canary Lovers' Web Ring, they do not have the ability to add you to the ring!

After checking out your page, the Ringmaster will take your Site ID Number and use it to add you to the ring. You will receive an e-mail telling you you've been added!

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