Allura Slyboots

Welcome to th' world of one of Elanthia's long-time residents. I kin say that cause I'm one of them dreaded "old timers" yer prolly sick of hearin' about. *imp grin*

I'm gonna come right out an' say this at th' start: if yer looking fer a guide t' livin' in Elanthia, instructions on how t' pick locks or ambush critters or how t' create th' best thief ya kin....go someplace else. *smirk* Ya won' find a single how-to guide ennywhere here. Not one. No, this place, I hope, will provide an innerestin' glimpse into th' life of a single resident of th' lands of Elanthia. Yer free t' draw whatever inspiration or contempt ya wish from this place.

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